Semiconductor and spray sensing

Our Tactile Sensing technology has allowed semiconductor manufacturers to improve tolerances in manufacturing and produce wafers with more precision and accuracy. This application of low-pressure sensors has fueled products that optimize semiconductor polishing disk pressures while significantly reducing tilt errors. The Spray Sensor allows for precision measurement of spray pattern and distribution from wafer cleaning sprays, allowing for identification of the optimal spray power to reduce the likelihood of wafer damage while ensuring proper wafer cleaning. The ultra-low-pressure sensitivity of the Spray Sensor allows for precision measurement, testing, and refinement of cleaning sprays, aerosol nozzles, and any other application involving low pressure or pattern distribution.

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Spray Sensor

visualize and quantify spray nozzle patterns and pressures

  • A sensitive, waterproof capacitive tactile sensor array designed to capture instantaneous and actionable spray pattern and spray pressure data generated by sprayed fluids or gases.

  • Capture spray distribution and impact pressure and accurately identify the location and pattern where sprayed fluid or gases land.

  • Available in two application variants, Spray Pressure or Spray Pattern, and optimal for use in situations where spray pressures are infinitesimally small.


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